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Wizkid’s unicorn status, lessons to learn

Wizkid to an extent, made young and getting it become a mainstream thing in Nigeria especially through music in an age where every top artist was close to 30! He broke out at 19, just like every young artist he had his fair, share of struggles, scandals etc but he moved on fast, making himself scarce, highly sought for, from having spat with Dammykrane at Quilox to selling o2 Arena, “yes the o2 Arena not Agege stadium” in 2mins! these are few things to learn from Wizkid as an entrepreneur;

1. Build a community: an integral part of Wizkid’s success is his army the Wizkid FC, who are ready to go against anyone artist, fanbase for Wizkid without him inciting them, they organize stream parties to an extent they serve as his non-official marketing team.  

2.Have a selling point and make it worth it, aside his melodious voice, Wizkid’ signature is a catchy phrase if it’s not “daddy yo!” It will be “BigWiz”, if it’s not BigWiz, it will be “She tell me say”, “Baba Nla” or “Eleniyan” overtime, Wizkid has mastered the art of creating this signature phrases in such a way that it’s unconsciously become part of you as a listener and with time you find yourself shouting “she tell me say” at the slightest thing.

3.Having a manager that align with your vision and sticking to it . With Wizkid’s music, you can tell that he is a trendsetter and his readiness to always take on risk can’t be brushed aside! Having a song like, “Smile”up when the whole of africa is gearing up to amapiano shows through conviction to ones purpose.

4.Make strategic collaboration. From Skepta, Drake to Beyoncé, every Wizkid’s collaboration always serve as a precursor to a major upgrade in his career. One dance introduced him to an international audience getting him on songs like, borrowed love, the life then BSG got him a Grammy, the previous successes played a huge role in accelerating the acceptance of Essence and Made in Lagos as a whole in the international market,the question shifted from “who is Wizkid?” to “have you streamed Essence? It’s the song of the summer”

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